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AB Crayfish & Lobster Liquid Food


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High in Attractants

Natural Flavours

AB Crayfish & Lobster is based on a well known carp catching recipe which is no longer in production. We have taken aspects of this winning bait and brought it more up to date by adding new products on the market. It is now proving a winner across the country with numerous well known fish falling to this bait.

We have combined the flavours and some of our ingredients from the Boilie into this liquid to give it something different, food and liquid.

The liquid disperses through the water column at different speeds, leaving a scent trail for hours, drawing fish from afar.

Great for adding liquid to ground-baits, glugging particle and re-hydrating boilies.

We recommend using 50ml per KG of particle or boilie, however higher percentages of this product will work.