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AB Exotic 12mm Pop-Ups


High, Long Lasting Buoyancy

Great Amino Acid Profile

High in Attractants

All year Round

Encourages Carp to feed

Washed out Colour

Approximately 60 Hookbaits


AB Exotics are here!

After a year of extensive testing we are finally ready to release these to the general public.

These pop-ups have been developed with attraction and inducing carp to feed in mind, with a delicate sweet shop smell.

These pop ups release the amino acids into the water and induce a strong feeding response. The amino acids stimulate the Carp mimicking the natural foods already present in the lake.

While testing we quickly became aware how well they work as a single hook-bait, we are not saying they do not work well over beds of bait but as a single bait in the winter and early spring they are deadly.